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The politics of succession began in 2018 when the deputy president cried foul of the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and, former prime minister, Raila Amollo Odinga, one of the presidential aspirants. The former premier is perceived as being a project of the state because of the support of the incumbent. The politicians, currently are traversing different parts of the current spreading their gospel. As we enter the homestretch, with only seven days to the elections, different politicians have mastered the art of convincing the masses to an extent of speaking in the language of the regions they visit. Recently, the deputy president nominee for Azimio la Umoja faction while addressing a mammoth crowd in Eldoret, exhilarate the supporters when she greeted the Kalenjin speaking nation in their local dialect. When they were in Elburgon, and Mahi Mahiu, she also greeted the adherents in the Agikuyu and Kalenjin. The deputy president on the other hand, while addressing the resident
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Agribusiness: Sheep Farming

Everyone desires to have a cool life that exhibits financial freedom. Besides formal employment, one can engage in many other business ventures. The start-up capital, however, is usually a big hurdle for many people. But from my experience, one can start sheep farming with as low as 3000 Kenya Shillings. I interacted with someone who has done it and he gave me the following revelation. In 2015, soon after clearing my college education, it dawned on me that I was now a grown-up and had to fend for myself. The student privileges were withdrawn, but as a man, I had to survive; that is how society has taught us to be. I bought my first sheep for 3000 shillings, and fortunate enough, two months later, I had a lamb. The journey has been smooth despite the few challenges experienced. Since that time, the numbers have increased, of course, due to their multiplication and buying more. The venture is profitable and is one of the easiest to engage in if you iron out a smart plan. Currently, on

The Struggle of the First Time Mothers

 For first time mothers, their attraction to the child is usually powerful, such that breaking that bond is never easy. It even becomes an uphill task the first day after the maternal leave is over. While the child sleeps and wakes up with the mother, in most cases, the eyes are always glued on her in a bid to ensure that her territory is within the usual area of jurisdiction; the house. My wife was never spared either. Hers was a funny one. I recall when our daughter was four months old, my wife and I used to work online, and we thought we would take advantage of the fact that the toddler's favorite at that age was sleep, but we were wrong. She would sleep, but the moment we started working, our girl's sleep would come to a halt and demanded the mother's attention. This meant that the whole task would then be thrown to me. Every time the mother defied the "rules" set by her, the computer would change hands, and the young boss would be the owner, and the typing an

2.86%-The Magic Number

 The Journey On the 14th of April 2016, Kenya launched the 20 Million Trees for Kenya’s Forests Campaign, with more than 450 people attending the launch. In attendance were the representatives of the national government, Kenya forest service, and local community group members among Kenyans of other walks of life. In a bid to ensure responsible planting and caring of the trees, various initiatives have been started to help increase the tree cover in the country. Such initiatives include; My 20 Trees and me Growing Up together, an initiative that encourages young children to plant trees and take care of them for twenty years. The main objective of the 20 million trees campaign was to plant 20 million trees around and in Mount Kenya and the water towers, due to their vital role in ensuring the supply of water to our rivers. According to the International Tree Foundation, Kenya is among the least forested countries in Africa, with its tree cover being 7.14%, equating to 67 trees per perso

The Enemy Within-Youths Against Themselves

  75% of the Kenyan population comprises the youth, who can change the voting profile of this nation. As one would expect that majority of the leaders would be young people, the situation is contrary. What is devoid is a craft that entails a focussed strategy that appreciates the fact that leadership should have their wellbeing at the core. What is so depressing is the fact that during every election period, the politicians sing tunes that put the youth at the fore and have them believe that they will bring change that will have their interests prioritised. It is even saddening that the youth are the enemies of themselves and would rather vote for somebody else other than one of them. They do not trust one of their own because of a fallacy preached by the old guards, of how the young are still establishing themselves and would mess up the country. This is a fallacy that should be discarded. This lack of faith and believe in their own has created a loop for the opportunist politicians w

Kibu-xpiry Mart-The Coconut-flavoured Biscuits Chronicles

  After a somewhat bizarre moment in Nairobi on my way back to Kisumu, 9th December 2020 was also engrossed with its gonzo occurrences. My love for coconut-flavored nice biscuits got me out of the house, and I found myself at Kibuye Mart, near Mama Ngina Children's home Kisumu. I picked a few items and, being an established wholesale and retail dealer, it never crossed my mind that the store would have any expired items on their shelves. I proceeded to the counter, paid for the items, and proceeded back to the house. The intention was to take the snack with some drink for lunch, but I had to wait until I got to the house. To my surprise, the moment I opened the pack, I realized that the biscuits looked like they had been soaked in water. Alas! They were expired! The date on the pack indicated that the expiry date was on October 25th 2020. Like every other curious but hungry Kenyan, I went for the second, third, and fourth pieces, but the future was bleak. Questions lingered on my m

Nairobbery-Shamba La Mawe

The day is Tuesday 8th December 2020, and I am in town walking toward the Molo line prestige office to book a ticket so that I can head to Kisumu. Somewhere along the way, I find myself distracted by God knows what, and I head to Latema road to go and board Samper tours because I thought they were faster. As I head towards their offices, these two guys approach me and tell me that another vehicle, a Toyota Noah, is just opposite where we were, and we head to the junction of Latema road and Dubois road. True to their word, the vehicle is there and is almost full. I get in, and these guys collecting the money did not even give me time to settle in and came asking for the fare with some dirty receipt, without a company logo. At first, I wondered whether I had messed up but consoled myself after seeing the other three guys waiting patiently for the vehicle to leave the city. I gave the guy 2000 shillings, and he tells me that he had no change and would give me later. Later, I realized that